Supp Regs

2018 Regulations

2018 WA State Regulations

2018 KZ Series Regulations

are incorporated in the State Regs


Supp Regs

City of Perth Titles TKC – entries close 17th June

Northern Zone R3 EKC – entries close 30th May

SE Zone R3 EGKC – entries close 29th May

Western Cup R3 BCKC – entries close 16th May

SE Zone R2 EKK – done & dusted

Northern Zone R2 KKC – done & dusted

Carnival of Karts TKC – done & dusted

Western Cup Round 2 MKC – done & dusted

NKC Northern Zone R1 – done & dusted

BCKC Coastal Classic – done & dusted

Western Cup Round 1 TKC – done & dusted

ACKC Southern Sprint – cancelled due to insufficient entries