Practise Rules

The track is opened by club members who volunteer. This may mean you! Opening times are from 10am to 4pm on nominated practise days.

The track will be closed on weekdays – including public holidays – Easter Sunday, Mothers/Fathers Day, and the day before or after race meetings.

Check the Hurricane facebook page for up-to-date track opening times before heading up there.

Member of another club? Planning on plenty of practise at Wundowie leading up to King of the Hill or our 2nd Open? Consider whether joining Hurricane as a dual member might be a good financial option for you. (Practise is free for members)


  1. We need a minimum Grade 5 Official to volunteer to run the practise
  2. For people wishing to get Grade 4 or Grade 5 Official status: Please create an official application through your KOMP account. If you don’t have a KOMP account you will need to create one.
  3. Volunteers need to let us know by 3pm Thursday
  4. We will notify on Thursday afternoon if the track will be open and the relevant info will be posted on facebook
  5. The official running the day will be emailed all the relevant information needed to run practice.
  6. As a driver you must register on KOMP and also sign on at the track before going out to practice. Please show your KOMP registration to the official running practice on the day.
  7. Non-Members practice fee is $33.00 which will charged when you enter on KOMP. Members are free.
  8. Seniors, Juniors & Cadets must practise separately.
  9. KA standard suit, gloves, helmet & footwear must be worn by the driver.
  10. Karts, motors & drivers must conform to current KA regulations.
  11. Drivers must only drive karts that their licence permits them to drive in competition.
  12. Minimum requirement is E-grade licence.
  13. No refuelling or chain lube to be used on bitumen areas.
  14. No smoking, except in designated areas.

Please make sure you are aware of the Practise Supp Regs (click here to view)

The booking form and declaration procedures have been put in place by KA, not the club, and it’s all online now. If you have missed the 6pm cutoff for bookings or the declaration form, please do not call Amy. All she can do is tell you that you have missed the cutoff and won’t be able to practise. The computer says, “No.”

The supervisor of the day has the right to exclude anyone from practising if their behaviour is unacceptable.