New Licences


What do I need to do?
Apply online on the Karting Australia website. You can also join the club while you’re there. Here is the link:

Karting Australia New Licences

What do I need?
A passport style photo is required. If you have one on your computer, you can upload it and do everything online.
If you’re not sure about the licence you need, check below for details of where you fit in.

What are my choices for ‘competition details’?
Cadet 9. Cadet 12. Various Junior or Senior classes.
If you’re a Junior, it will be KA4.
If you’re a Senior, you should get advice to work out what class you’re going to race.
Get Advice
Regardless which class you choose, you can easily change it later.

What are my choices for ‘type of licence’?
Practice. Cadet 9. Cadet 12. Junior. Senior.
Depends on your age. If you’re not sure Get Advice

What are my choices for ‘club details’?
Easy choice. Hurricane Go Kart Club, of course!

Anything else?
They’ll want money. CLICK HERE to apply.

I’m under 18.
You need to read the next section:

Participant’s Licence
All Drivers under the age of 18 require a parent and/or legal guardian to hold a Participant’s or current Karting Australia Driver’s Licence.

The Participant’s Licence will enable them to enter a Minor in a Karting Australia sanctioned Event and to apply for a Licence upgrade for the Minor.

The process to obtain a Participant’s Licence is a very simple one, and there’s no cost attached to it – it’s FREE. Parents and/or legal guardians need to visit to complete their application.

Once complete, the applicant will receive an email confirmation advising their licence (identity) number.

The Participant’s Identity Number or a current Karting Australia Driver’s Licence Number will be required to be entered in the Minor’s licence record before that person can enter the Minor into an event or apply for an upgrade to the Minor’s licence. This is completed by the Minor logging into the Karting Australia portal and selecting “Add, Change Participant Detail” and then enter the Participant’s or current Driver’s Identity Number when requested. Do this HERE