Western Cup

The Western Cup is a 4-round, State Series competition.

Each of the rounds is hosted by a different club.

In 2017, Hurricane hosted the opening round on February 4th. The second round was held in Geraldton on 25th & 26th March and the third round in Bunbury on 20th & 21st May. The final round was at Wanneroo on 24th June.

Read the write up for the final round for each class (from the Karting WA website) Click Here

See Western Cup Final Standings

Classes on offer this year were:

Cadet 9
Cadet 12
KA4 Junior Light
KA4 Junior Heavy
KA3 Junior
Sportsman KA3 Light
Sportsman KA3 Medium
Sportsman KA3 Masters
TaG 125 Light
TaG 125 Heavy
TaG125 Restricted Light
TaG 125 Restricted Medium